First Semester

I just finished my first grad school class, and if everything goes as planned I should have an A!

Everyone told me I was underestimating the amount of work that grad school would be, and maybe they were right, but I have felt pretty prepared. I worked almost my entire way through undergrad and then held two jobs post graduation. I am no stranger to working hard and balancing several things at once, but I am not going to lie, it is indeed a lot of work.

I decided to go ahead and dive into my program headfirst and signed up for a full summer load. I broke my schedule into a first session 5-week class, a 10-week class and then a second session 5-week class. That meant that I was able to take three classes while only have two classes at the same time. Best idea ever. Especially when my first session 5-week class turned out to be designed as a seminar. This meant that I would only have 3 weeks to do all of the course work that was meant for 5 weeks. But on the bright side, I now have two weeks until my next 5-week class begins to solely focus on one class.

I decided to take some liberties with my schedule this summer. There are three core classes to UNT’s MLIS program that you are supposed to take first. But I was warned over and over not to take them all together because the workload is too intense for most students. So I opted to take one core class and two electives. I have to say, I have been thrilled with my choice so far. I just completed a class that focused on graphic novels and comics as literature options for diverse populations. Absolutely brilliant. If any of you are going to UNT for MLIS I highly recommend this course, it will entirely change the way you think of comic books and graphic novels. Fair warning though, it is a lot of work. I am sure that it is more easily paced if taken during the fall or spring semester, but it is a beast during the summer. But seriously, everyone, take a risk, step out of your comfort zone, and slay the beast!


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